State specialized forestry institution "Narovlyansky SPETSLESKHOZ"


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16 december 2015

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State specialized forestry institution "Narovlyansky spetsleskhoz" Gomel State Forestry Production Association of the Ministry of Forestry is located in the southern part of the territory of Gomel region Narovlya (66,343 hectares) and Mozyr (598 hectares) of administrative districts.

GSLHU "Narovlyansky spetsleskhoz 'borders: in the west - with FME" Yale Forestry "from the north - from GOLHU" Mozyr experimental forestry "from the East - from the Polesie State Radiation Ecological Reserve, in the south - with the Republic of Ukraine by forestry.

According to the Charter shall spetsleskhoz State Forestry Fund, the use, reproduction, conservation and protection of forests, works on logging of all types of cuttings, ensuring economy and population types of forest products.